Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puff Puff, Pass.

If this chicken has been sitting at her desk contemplating the celebration of 4/20 and how wonderful it sounds, then it's been a really rough day.

First of all, I have PMS.  I'm generally in a cranky mood and my nerves?  I have none.  Don't mess with me.

Second, I have been dealing with idiots who don't want to do their job.  They are supposed to be providing ME customer service and providing me a product.  The correct product.  I shouldn't have to track down said product, then call said idiot, so he can order it for me.  This is ridiculous.

Third, I hit my head on the paper towel dispenser in the office bathroom.  That just sent me over the damn edge.

Sooooo...this is the dilemma:
Do I celebrate 4/20 by smoking a big, fat bowl of chronic (for the first time in years) or do I celebrate the anniversary of Columbine (which also happened on April 20) and just start shooting?  Decisions decisions...
Tasteless joke?  Yes.  Again...don't mess with me.

Ok, you got me. I won't do either.  I'll go home, eat fish tacos (and I mean actual fish tacos...not pussy), go Zumba at 24 Hr Fitness, maybe drink a beer, and my boyfriend who can do amazing things with his hands and mouth will give me at least one orgasm.  I suppose my ideas of what relaxes me have shifted.  We all can't be Snoop and Willie.

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