Monday, February 7, 2011

That smile? I'm intaxicated.

Intaxication: The initial euphoria a person feels upon receiving their tax refund, usually diminishing when they realize it was their money in the first place.

There is a major upside to being a single mom in the United States.  Tax time.  Just saying it makes my heart skip a little beat!  Getting that money at the beginning of the year creates a feeling of elation that is not comparable to anything else on Earth.  Not love, not food, not drugs, not alcohol, not orgasms...NOTHING.  Single moms know exactly what I'm talking about.  Some of us struggle more than others, but we're all in the same boat.  All year long, we constantly have to tell ourselves or our children that we can't have this or that, there's not enough money, maybe another time, maybe with my next hurts.  But then it's January.  And like a miracle from beer drinking Jesus, the heavens open and shower money upon us.  Glorious, floaty, papery green things falling upon our gracious heads...and the world changes.  We are ballers.  That's right.  BALLERS, I say! 
Evidently, money also makes me black, but that's cool. Just call me Ms. Tee.

Yes, it's our money to begin with and it is rightfully ours...and yes, we'll use it for practical things like clothes/shoes for our kids, putting money into our vehicles, paying off bills or getting caught up on things that have been put off as much as possible all year long...but who gives a shit?  We also get to treat ourselves a little.  We deserve it.
So, whether you are a single mom or not...whether you get $100 back or several thousand...enjoy your intaxication!  I will enjoy mine while it lasts.  There is something about having to put most of your money into your truck and into paying off various judicial systems that brings you down from your high, so to speak.  Oh well!  Myself and my loved ones still benefit, even if it's just a little...and me not walking around stressed out is a gift in itself.  When the chicken is not happy, the coop suffers dearly, you know?

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