Thursday, February 3, 2011

When the Sickness Comes to Town...

Little man has a cold.  I thought it was bordering on the flu for a minute...he was running a high fever for almost two days.  I am amazed at the great kid he is becoming.  He is very independent and our existence usually goes something like: "Hi, Mom! I'm going to So-and-so's house! Bye!", he comes home when he's supposed to, which is followed by "What's for dinner?", followed by his door shutting as he goes off to his little world filled with South Park (Yes, he watches South Park, as long as he doesn't watch it in front of his sister or repeat anything from the show in her presence) and Lego's.  This is interspersed with bouts of preteen angst when he doesn't get his way or his sister has been in his room.  I still don't know how he knows when someone has been in his room with the mess that is going on in there.  I can tell when someone has moved something in my room, though, so I guess he gets that from me.
Anyway, Little Man has been super lovey lately and since he's been sick, it has been a constant stream of hugs and "I Love You"s in my house.  It's great.  Last night, after we watched a movie and Mini-Me had ventured into her room to watch whatever crap was on the Disney channel, Little Man confided that he had something to tell me.  Turns out that there is a dance at his school next week for Valentine's Day and he couldn't go unless he had a date.  Which I don't think is exactly true...he let it slip that all his friends had dates and he didn't.  He and I spent the next hour hanging out, talking about Shannon (the girl in his 3rd period class that is always staring at him), and how he was embarrassed to ask her to the dance.  I helped him write a note to her (in case he lost his nerve), said it wouldn't be the end of the world if she says no and confirmed that if she doesn't have a date yet, it was because she just might be waiting on him to ask her...the whole thing was freakin' adorable.  Especially the part where he stated that "getting girls in middle school is A LOT harder than it was in elementary school".
He's going to be a lady killer...just like his dad...and that scares me a little.  When his father was 13, he already had a mustache and was juggling 3 girls that were older than him.  Yikes.  I have a year and a half to instill some lessons on wooing and treating girls like ladies (ONE lady at a time) into this kid.  It's possible. 
He was excited to go to school and talk to Shannon.  "Do you think my fever will be gone so I can go back to school??"  I told him I didn't know.  I gave him some medicine and got him settled on the couch with his OJ.
"Stupid gay fever.  I bet it's prancing around his tank top and flip flops, throwing around his flowers and infecting me right now!"
Now, I hate when people use the word "gay" as an adjective to describe something that is bad, unpleasant, or something that they don't like.  Can't stand it!  And using the word gay and infecting in the same sentence would have sent me over the edge in some cases...had it not been so damned funny.
He woke up this morning and was a little better, but still not well enough to sit in school all day.  Hopefully Shannon doesn't get herself a date before tomorrow.

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