Monday, November 29, 2010

Chickens Drink When They Cook.

Going back to work after a long holiday weekend has to be one of the most horrible things on the face of the planet. Not really, but it is beyond difficult for me to get excited about going back to the normal grind.

My weekend was extremely enjoyable and I think that makes it even harder to shift back into “work mode”. I have “modes”. Evidently, my shifting from one to the other is much more noticeable than I thought. Michael instantly recognizes my shifts, which is almost unnerving. I’m not sure if it makes me more uncomfortable that I wear my emotions so obviously on my face and in my mannerisms or that he has gotten to know me so well in such a short period of time. I take that back. It does not make me uncomfortable that Michael can read me so well. It, like most things he does, warms me from the inside out. We spent most of the weekend together, which like ending a holiday, makes it even more difficult to go back to our normal routine of not seeing each other for days at a time.

Our weekend began on Wednesday night. Michael and one of his sons stayed at my house until Friday morning. Our days together were filled with movies, enough sugar to kill several small children (except Mini-Me’s new friend…she’ll be mentioned in another blog), laughs, a cute little-girl crush, cooking, kisses, conversation, jokes, Nerf guns, my mother, and awesome pie. My mother loves Mike and his son. So much so that she left dinner early. What? Yes. That is what I said. She called me Friday morning to inform me of three things:

1. She had a wonderful time.

2. She left early because she wanted Mike and our families to have more time together. She was unaware that they were spending the night. (She didn’t bring it up at dinner, otherwise I would have told her)

3. She absolutely loves Mike and his son. I think it was the manners that got her. We Southern women are suckers for a “please, thank you, let me get that for you” kind of man. Both he and his son are like that. Oh, and don’t let me forget…"I’m not trying to get ahead of myself or anything, but WHEN you and Mike get married, I realized that both his sons names start with ‘A’, so when his sons become my grandsons, he’s not messing up anything! Isn’t that soooo cool?!” (Its tradition to name each generation of children with the same letter in my family. Both my kids are A’s as well)
OH MY GOD. Did she really just go there?? Did I hear her right?
Thanks mom. Next you’ll tell me that I’m not getting any younger.

I have such a whirlpool of thoughts swirling in my head that I may have to do a blog every day this week, devoting each day to a separate subject. Truly.
I hope everyone had just as much of an amazing weekend as I did. I didn't ruin dinner!  And I didn't get drunk (on Thursday)!  There was a child quote, but now I don’t remember what it was. It was fucking hilarious when I heard it and I told myself to remember it for my blog.  Oh well. I really need to be one of those annoying people that carry a notebook and write down their thoughts and interesting things they hear.

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