Friday, June 10, 2011

I Think It's Gonna Be a Great Day!

I was in the grocery store this morning getting ice cream for my company's monthly pot luck.  I love the grocery store early in the morning, when most of the lights are still off and the stock boys are's quiet and soothing.

I got what I needed.  (Random rant: Seriously, when the hell did it become necessary to charge almost 6 fucking dollars for a carton of ice cream??!!)

At the register, someone before me had left a bag of celery and grapes.  I considered keeping it, but being at the self checkout, I would have ended up having to pay for it because the whole system trips out if items are left on the little bagging area before it's been scanned.  I handed it to the attendant, with a, "Someone left this behind".  Yes! Took care of my good deed for the day!  I was thinking that it, indeed, was going to be a great morning.  It had nothing to do with the gigantic skinny vanilla latte that I had been sipping on since 7am. (not entirely, at least)

I was on my way out, when I passed a boy who was standing alone at the claw machine.  He looked back at me and screamed, "LOOK!! I GOT IT!".  And he had.  There was large alien-looking stuffed animal dangling from the claw.  I didn't know how long he had been standing there or how many of his quarters it had taken to get the prize, but I felt the need to indulge him anyway.
Me:  "That's AWESOME!"
Boy:  "And isn't it adorable too?!"
Me:  "It sure is! Those are SO hard to win!"

That kid was grinning from ear to ear.  He's gonna be talking about that damn stuffed animal all day long.
I'm so nice sometimes.
Where was the kid's mom??  I have no idea.  He was probably about 15 and so packed full of redbull at 8am that he didn't even know where HE was.

It should be the simplest things in life that amuse us all.  Like the first day of summer vacation, being at the grocery store early in the morning, being highly caffeinated, and winning adorable stuffed animals out of claw machines.

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