Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chickens like things easy.

Maybe not all chickens, but this one does.  There is so much needless, useless drama in the world.  It's been creeping in to my coop and, plainly put, I'm freaking the fuck out.  Squawking with flying feathers and shit.  C1 is getting Complicated (that's right...complicated with a capitol c).  I was talking with Sailor Girl about this today.  She noticed that my most loyal Facebook stalker had taken a hiatus.  This is a good interpretation of the convo:

SG:  U and C1 have a blow out?
Chicken:  Bahahaha.  I let him know that he was being a bit of a stalker on FB.  But yes...we kinda did.  He is DRAMA.
SG:  Ya I noticed he wasn't posting every 2 seconds on ur comments.
Chicken:  I don't like drama.
SG:  Drama sucks.
Chicken:  I like easy.  My boy toys are easy. lol
SG:  I need a boy toy!  I'm sooooo horny...I mean lonely.
Chicken:  Admit it.  Own it.  I'm horny too :)
SG:  That's how it goes when guys are too good to be true.  The attention becomes overwhelming.  LOL ur funny.
Chicken:  It IS getting overwhelming.  Not to mention i'm just enjoying things as they come and he's thinking of the future.  lmao.  i sound like a dude!
SG:  It's ok!  I'm the same way!  Like Hawaii Guy was like I want u to be the mother of my children...and I think of things like what's for dinner.
Chicken:  EXACTLY! LOL
Then we go into the usual banter about how we need to spend more time together...

Which is totally true.  I'm liking Sailor Girl more and more.  She's my kind of people.  So, yeah...I had a realization today that I miss things being easy.  I miss having fun, having sex, no commitments, just spending time with someone you like and not expecting anything else.  Less drama filled conversations and less intensity...unless that intensity is in the bedroom.  That's probably why I always look forward to spending time with C2.  Come to think of it...I had this realization yesterday when E came to my office.  I could feel my face light up when he walked in.  We talked and he visited with my boss and the other ladies in the office.  He then stopped by my desk on his way out.  E said I didn't look like my happy self.  I half lied and said I just didn't want to be at work.  He then mouthed: "You wanna go home and fuck?"  Meaning, he's out and about and we could go back to my place.  My response: "Yeah. Kinda!"  A light bulb had gone off in my head.  I did want to...with him.  I missed him a little.  I didn't want to have anything else in my head but him and a couple of orgasms.  (brief intermission for the nice little scene playing in my mind)  But he left with his cute smile and I stayed at work to answer phones.  Bummer.
Then, low and behold, C3 calls me last night.  (I swear that man has ESP)  He asks if he could come over.  What?!  Come over?  Really?  Sure. Why not?  I got a little excited at that possibility, but turns out that he couldn't find someone to watch his kids.  Typical douche.  Get my hopes up, then backs out.
But, all that...I realized that I was getting a little nostalgic for the old me.  The one that made rash decisions, but had an awesome time doing it.  The totally cool chick that was not tied to a phone that asks what I'm doing every 5 minutes.  Or what I'm thinking.  Or why I'm thinking what I'm thinking. Or telling me it misses me.  It loves me.  It wishes I was there.  It can't stop thinking about me.  AAAAHHHH!  That phone is sure to get thrown.  Seriously.

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