Monday, August 23, 2010

Save the drama fo' yo mama.

He had me on speaker phone and didn't tell me right away.  He let his wife fly off the handle and scream at me over useless bullshit.  So I said she was a lunatic and I called him out on the fact that he was not being completely truthful with her.  I am not a liar.  I am done hiding things in relationships.  I am no longer going to bury my feelings and walk on eggshells, just to prevent her from getting upset.  But it may hurt him in the process...
I haven't been the one hiding things.  It's NOT a good idea that her and I are friends.  Us talking is not going to make him more open with her all of a sudden.  I'm not here to make her feel better about our relationship.  If she doesn't trust him, then she's not going to trust me.  Seeing how great I am and how much he cares for me is not going to make her feel better about herself.  It's only going to make her more paranoid.  Like an adult, I will compromise.

This is how he wants things to be for us:

I picture myself as the girl to the very left.  But I think she may just be acting happy.  Who the hell would be happy just leaning on their man, while he's holding the one that he really wants?  The girl in yellow is obviously ecstatic.  I mean...look at her...

This is how I see it:  

"I'm not going anywhere.", she says.  I realize this.  On a daily basis.

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