Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just how many roosters are IN that hen house?

Yeah....there's a few.  I'm single and I've definitely been known to do a little mingling.  I'm a chronic flirt!  I flirt with anyone, including some men in their 80's on occasion.

Technically, I suppose I am only seeing 2 men.  But there are others that pop in and out of my life as it suits them (Exactly. THEM.  They are your typical douche bags.  We all have them).  The whole situation makes me laugh sometimes.  I'm like the clown in the circus, juggling as many balls as she can (pun intended)...trying not to drop any and look like an idiot.  Simultaneous conversations over IM, texts all day, making sure you don't leave anyone to feel wanting or ignored.  Visions of Marty Maraschino from Grease enter my head.  Sandy asks her how she keeps up with all of her men, as she folds out a wallet full of pictures, and Marty replies that she's "hopelessly devoted to each and every one".  I like her.  We speak the same language.  I am absolutely devoted to each and every man in my life.  They are all special in their own way and each gives me something that I am looking for.

C1 is my love.  He's my romantic guy.  The one that constantly tells me he loves me, gives thoughtful presents, sends me flowers at work...the whole nine yards.  He calls me beautiful, writes poetry, and says the most amazingly heartfelt things.  He is also married and polyamorous ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyamory ).  His wife knows about our relationship and is okay with it (minus the occasional freak out wondering if he loves me more).  He lives in Louisiana with his wife, which means that we do not get to see each other often.  We just recently spent a romantic weekend in New Mexico.  We are constantly in communication with each other.  We are on Windows Live all day at work, he texts me at night, then wants to chat on Skype, followed up by a goodnight call to hear my voice.  He also used to call me in the morning as well, which was cute at first, but I had to break him of that.  Not only is he my romantic guy, he's also my needy one.  Sometimes it's minor and tolerable.  Other times, like this past weekend, it borders on comparing to a toddler that is screaming because his mommy won't hold him.  We're working on that.

C2 is my "grown up" relationship.  He has a house in Las Vegas (yes, he owns a home), but travels for work.  He is sometimes out of town for months on his jobs (like C1, C2 is a computer geek) and comes back to Las Vegas about 1 weekend a month. We are still new.  I like him though.  He makes me feel my age.  He makes me dinner, we converse about things like economy, then he pours me a glass of wine and he puts my legs in his lap as we talk some more.  He's secretly funny and sarcastic, which I like.  We already have our little inside jokes.  Our relationship is full of BBQs with his geek friends and other couples...and of course the sex is pretty great so far.  He's easy to be with.  He has no expectations and is confident that I like to spend time with him and he likes to spend time with me.  He lets me have my independence.  Things are going to progress slowly, but we're both wanting it that way.  He may be going to California next, which means that he will be in town more often...I'm excited about that possibility.

C3 is one of the douche bags.  He is also married, but his wife does not know about me.  He was briefly separated last year and we started seeing each other.  We are old friends that literally can't keep our hands off each other.  He is my kryptonite.  He touches me and my loins explode.  This is what our relationship is based on.  He is back with his wife now and I still get the occasional call to see him.  We try not to do this because of the literal magnetism that we feel for each other.  But occasionally, who can say no?  We still remain friends and mostly keep our conversations online.  I confide in him.  He seems to understand me and most of all, doesn't judge me and doesn't make our conversations into a therapy session where we spend the whole thing analyzing ourselves and each other.  He makes me laugh like hell.

E is the other douche.  I'm not sure I should even include him, but like I said...he still makes his presence known on occasion.  He is charismatic and charming.  He loves my ass and thinks I'm incredible (His words. I swear).  The sex is nothing short of amazing.  The things this guy can do with his hands and mouth should be outlawed, because the best things in life are always illegal.  He literally makes me melt.  Alas, E is not looking for a serious relationship.  E is looking to get laid and have fun.  I want more than that.

So this is my existence.  I balance them all, throwing one up in the air, then catching another.  Eventually, I fear that I will drop them all.  If not, then I suppose I have skills that I didn't even know I had.  "Oh my!  Have you seen that juggling chicken? She's awesome!!"
Next show is in about 15 minutes.  Step right up, people.  Step right up!

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