Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank you Chicken Jesus for Back to School.

I'm sighing.  I'm sitting in my comfy reading chair, in my room, and I'm sighing.  Finally, the annual First Day of School is over and I made it.  It's only 7:30pm, but it feels like 10.  I'm exhausted now...but I've been a little exhausted all day.

My day began at 6am.  This is an hour earlier than it usually begins, but at the time I'd actually like to get up in the morning.  I got a good 7 hours hours sleep, so with that, and a wake up call from C1, I got up on time.  I woke up Little Man (with much resistance) and had him get ready for school.  He rides his bike to and from this year, which is great.  He was out the door at 7am to go meet his friends.  I then promptly get in the shower, so I can get myself and Mini-Me ready...but not before my mother informed me that she was sobbing in the kitchen while Little Man was getting ready.  I quickly informed her that it was not a strange occurrence in this city for kids to ride their bikes to and from school on their own.  I crossed that hurdle when he was in the first grade.  No crying here, people...this chicken is a rock!  So, I get Mini-Me ready.  There is less drama in the morning this year because her new school has uniforms.  Thank you Chicken Jesus.  No more arguing endlessly over what she can and cannot wear to school.  We got ready on time and drama free.  There were some nerves, though...from both of us.  We headed down the street to the fiasco that was The First Day of School.  It was horrible.  There were parents everywhere.  There were double the parents, because there are two elementary schools right next door to each other.  After driving around endlessly, I find a place to park.  I then get screamed at by a pretentious bitch who works at the school adjoining my daughter's.  "This is a TURNING LANE!!!!  You CAN'T PARK HERE!!!"  Fine.  I'll just ignore the fact that 3 other cars are also parked in this so-called turning lane and move.  Finally, after weaving through crowds and making our way to the back of the school, we were able to find where Mini-Me lines up in the morning.  Spot 74.  But, hello....where's the freakin' teacher?  All the other teachers are out and meeting with the parents and kids.  Ours is nowhere to be seen.  She eventually comes waddling out to the line about 5 minutes before they are supposed to go in.  Said teacher looks like she's about to give birth on the blacktop next to the jungle gym.  I don't know if this is wrong, but I was slightly pissed.  The first thing that goes through my mind (ok..well the first thing was that she was extremely nice and I like her a lot) is that she is going to be on maternity leave.  Soon.  And who knows how long she's going to be gone?  Ugh.  Guess I'll be the annoyance that brings that up on "Get Acquainted" night.  I put a smile on my face, though.  I hugged Mini-Me, waved a million waves, and shouted for her to have a great day...then headed in to work.
I thought about how they were doing all day.  I was worried that Little Man would decide to break the rules and go to his friend's house after school, without waiting to make sure his sister got home from the bus.  I worried about whether Mini-Me would get on the right bus.  I got home and all was well.  Little Man was taking a snooze and Mini-Me was watching TV quietly.  The house wasn't chaos.  It was awesome.  I fear that this is only Day 1 exhaustion and eventually, there will be problems.  But that's just mother's intuition.

Turns out the kids had a great day at school.  Mini-Me wouldn't shut up about it, in fact.  Little Man was a little less willing to give over every single detail.  It was like questioning a criminal.  I was a little disappointed.  Until I went in my room to put away my purse.  There, on my bed, was the change from Little Man's lunch....and a brownie that he had bought for me.  I guess he was thinking about me today, too.
Am I crying?  What?  No!!!! I'm sweating from my eyes!!!  Shut your mouth!

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