Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spinsters are people too.

Spinster:  an unmarried woman and especially one past the common age for marrying; a woman who seems unlikely to marry
This will be me someday.  Isn't she lovely?

I probably will end up a spinster.  I came to this realization last week as I talked to my sister on the phone. She is younger than me and getting married...for the second time.  I have yet to be married (although I was in a 10 year relationship) and have not yet even come close to finding my so-called soul mate.  That's ok!  Spinsters are cool people.  My mom moved in to the guest house of an extremely interesting woman.  She can't necessarily be classified as a spinster, because she was at one time married.  I don't know for how long.  She told my mother that she got divorced, then "danced and dated" her life away until she was 70.  I wouldn't mind doing that; I'm already on the right path.  I bet Ms. Millie (that's her name) has awesome stories to tell.  I will too.  I suspect that I shall be a little crazy though...but that's just my opinion.  I'll be the interesting old lady sitting on her back porch with a stiff drink and a cigarette, asking the "young ones" to come sit and chat with me.
"Did I ever tell you youngsters about the time I was swimming topless in my lover's pool and his neighbor decided to say hello?  NO?  Well listen to this..."  I'll be a vulgar wrinkled woman...just like the picture.

I hung out with Sailor Girl yesterday.  Good times.  During our conversations about relationships, I realized that I am totally not with the right kind of men.  And I mean right in the sense of not really having a lot in common.  Don't get me wrong, there are small things...and I think it's very interesting that none of the men that I'm with really have tattoos and are not interested in getting them, but like me anyway.  That says a lot about them...or it says something about me...I am not defined by what I put on my body; I'm more than that.  Deep down, though, I want to feel similar to my partner.  I want to be interested in the same things.  I don't feel like I have found that person yet.  I may never find that person. "He/She's got to be out there", this is what goes through all single person's minds.  It goes through mine.  I believe that there is a tattooed, hard on the outside but soft on the inside man who likes music, reading, art, doing new things, and enjoying life.  He is somewhat financially stable, definitely emotionally stable, is not afraid that I have kids and wants to interact with them, has a vehicle, and loves me for exactly who I am.  Oh! And has a sense of style!  It can be quirky, it can be just vintage tees and jeans, but please dress cute.  Hmmmm...I could go on with that list.  Maybe he doesn't exist after all.  This one thing is sure:  I will have fun trying to find him.

Random thought:  Isn't it great to wake up happy?  I woke up in one of those moods today, feeling like I'm going to be productive, I love my life, everything is going to be ok...
I love days like that.

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