Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chickens are scared of thunder.

Thunderstorms are in the Top 10 of my favorite things.  Honestly, I'm just throwing a number out there.  I have many favorite is really hard to number them all.  Even a small insignificant thing that I like just a little bit becomes my favorite.  My emotions are extreme in some instances.  But the thunderstorms tonight!! Oh my god, they were wonderful! (see my use of exclamation points?)  At one point, as I was walking through my bedroom, a HUGE crack of thunder actually caused me to shriek, jump back away from my window and into the wall.  I hurt myself.  It was awesome.  I've never actually done that before.  Either I am getting old and my reflexes are not so hard core or I was distracted.
Ok...I was distracted.  In a good way!  I was talking to the guy that I met off of the dating website...the one that has yet to be named. (Maybe that will be his name..."One Who Has Yet to Be Named" No. Too long.)  I cannot think of a name for him!  That is bothering me!  He so deserves more than a letter.  Anyone who makes me laugh like he did deserves more than a letter as a fake name.  We're going out Thursday and he already has something up his sleeve.  "It's a surprise". That makes me smile.  I really like surprises.
I'm having a bit of a dilemma, though.  He is also a blogger.  It is inevitable that we will write about each other...we already are.  When I read about myself in his blog, it's almost like I am reading thoughts that are private that I shouldn't see.  I don't want him to feel uncomfortable about writing (or venting, if needed) about me and the fact that I will see it.  Knowing myself, I will probably censor what I write about him because I know he reads what I write.  I guess I should just stop over-obsessing about it.  I'm going to try. It does bring a smile to my face when he writes about me.  I'm excited to spend time with him.
(Him, him, him.  He needs a fucking name!)

I am really going to have a busy weekend.  Date on Thursday, happy hour work thing on Friday after work,  costume party on Saturday night, and a baby shower on Sunday night.  Whew!  Who wants to bet on whether I make it to the baby shower Sunday?  I want to go, so I must.  My PJs and couch will surely be calling to me.
I am super stoked to go to the costume party on Saturday night!  I can't wait to get dressed up and see my costume put together.  I found the greatest witch's hat.  I just need to get a few things for finishing touches.  Broom or no broom?  I'm not sure yet.  I think a broom just makes it that much better.
We'll see.  I still have to figure out what I am wearing to Sailor Girl's prom-themed birthday party.  I have a month for that still.  I'll end up waiting until the last minute.  I usually do.
Ok, now that I've basically just started spitting out the "to do" list in my head, it might be time for bed.  I am actually sleepy.  I had a great day and hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

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