Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slugbug Orange! or Holy Shit, I Can't Eat Another Bite or...You Got Powned!

Definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary
Pown: To display ones superior skill against an adversary by defeating them in a loud and obvious manner.
"I powned you, bitch! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I AM A COUNTER-STRIKE GOD!!"

I learned this word from Adam, Mike's youngest son.  He's 13 and despite Mike's best effort, I totally fell in love with the word and used it incessantly, encouraging Adam to the fullest.  Oops.  I just discovered that it is a widely used term in the gaming world...go figure.

So, I just spent 3 days in Salt Lake City, UT (or SL,UT if you wish) and it was a much needed and much enjoyed break from my regular day to day existence.  The food fest trip began on Thursday night.  We took Greyhound, which wasn't that bad of an experience.  I didn't mind it other than I just don't sleep well on a freaking bus.  It took us about 8 hours.  I got to sit next to a lovely gentleman with a deep voice and a presence that gave me the willies.  No, it was not Mike.  He was seated comfortably behind me in his TWO seats. wasn't that big of a deal.  It happens when a shitload of people are on a bus together.  I can't blame him for wanting to sit next to my loveliness.
We arrived on Friday morning and had a full day of sightseeing and such.  First of all, my fucking camera died on Day 1, which totally blew and pissed me off, because I like to take pictures of EVERYTHING.  We went to Trolley Square and looked around the shops.  I found an amazing hand-hammered wok at Williams Sonoma for $19.95.  I'm getting that sucker this weekend.  I found other things in a novelty store that caught my eye that I'll be procuring on my next visit.  We then visited Gilgal Gardens, where my assumption that Mormons are odd was confirmed.  We drove The Avenues and looked at the historic homes in the area.  After picking up Adam from school, we headed to lunch, then to Big Cottonwood Canyon for a snowball fight.  The scenery was beautiful.  As many times as I have said that I couldn't live in a city with a lot of snow, I really enjoyed myself.  I liked the snow and the weather.  My opinion would probably change after months of being in the cold, I'm sure.  We also went out to dinner with Mike's parents.  Yes...I like them and we got along splendidly...even though Mike did mention to his mother my love of tubesteak.  No joke.  They make me laugh.  Mike, Adam, and I also went to Leatherby's after dinner for some ice cream.  Holy Shit, I couldn't eat another bite.  Until we went to breakfast the next morning, of course.
Saturday I woke up wanting a shower and just basically feeling like shit after all the food I had shoved down my throat the day before.  After a week of basically eating NOTHING to eating everything put in front of you, it can do a real number on your digestive system.  Truly.  We ventured back out for more sightseeing, with me showerless and with a rock or 10 in my stomach.  I was feeling dirty and like crap (or needing to take one), Mike could see that something was wrong, I didn't want to dwell on it (aka - talk about it at all).  We ended up having a...something.  I don't even know what to call it.  It really wasn't a fight, I guess, but feelings were hurt on both sides, we weren't getting along and I cried in a bathroom stall.  Things got better, so it's all good.  I took many a shit that day, we saw Temple Square and The Gateway, Adam purchased a hat that looked like a bear, I got my shower, then we had dinner with Mike's BFF.  No ice cream that night.  Thank you Baby Jesus.
Sunday the sky cleared and I was able to see the mountains.  We had a fantastic breakfast and drove out to see the lake.  Sunday was a relaxed day.  We had to say goodbye to Adam and get to the bus station for our ride home.  The ride back was much better than the ride there.  I had more room and slept a little. 
I'm looking forward to next time.

Mike said this trip was a learning experience and I have to agree.  First trips together always are.  I have more to write on this, but it will be from home instead of work.  My laptop is out of commission and I think I need the quiet of late-night whenever stupid Amazon will get me my charger...but I digress.


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