Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someone Please Tell Me Where the Fuck I Put My Friends.

When we start to change as people and lose touch with friends, what do you think we mourn for? The loss of important people in our lives or are we mourning for the loss of ourselves and the person we used to be?
I miss my friends.

Oddly enough, I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning.  I had a horrible headache and I was trying to get to work as quickly as possible, so I could get some water and Ibuprofen in me...when it dawned on me.  When is the last time I hung out with my friends??  I'm barely even on Facebook anymore.  It's like I have dropped off the face of the planet.  I realized many, many months ago that there are people that I am just naturally growing apart from.  Recently, though, I've lost touch with people that I didn't want to stop hanging out with.  I'm still trying to decide if I really am actually changing or if I'm just preoccupied in BoyfriendLand.
Then...low and behold...SailorGirl called me out on it this morning.  "We haven't been talking anymore Ms. IHaveABoyfriendNow..." Really? Did I become that girl?  Don't we ALL become that person, though, at some point?  When we are dating someone new, and especially if we really like them, we end up spending all our free time with them in the hopes of getting to know them better...and because we miss them when we are apart?  Or am I crazy? But she's right. I haven't been keeping in touch at all.  I didn't mean to ignore anyone.
I think I am really needing some socialization.  I do that.  It must be my Cancer tendencies...I retreat into my shell for awhile, until I'm ready to come back out again.  I'm in need of a girls' night. I am also in need of a tattoo session. Sailor Girl is going in for some work and I may go get a little something and spend some time with her...until my other tattoo buddy gets here.
Hurry up, Tattooed and Organic and get your ass out here!!  I miss you!

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